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Shortlog for the PrefBar project

AgeCommit message Author
2017-10-01Version 7.1.1HEADmasterManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-08-28Fixed changelogManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-08-28PrefBar 7.1.0v7.1.0Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-08-28Update ChangelogManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-08-28Fixed warning message, that "newChannel" is obsoleteManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-08-28Fix for opening PrefBar update success pageManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-08-28For some reason "const" can't be read from other contextsManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-08-28Remove some obsolete buttonsManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-08-28Fix history clearing for Firefox 48Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-07-31Preparing release candidate for testingManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-07-30Drop protocol handler (fails with e10s)Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-07-23Drop special handling of preferences dialog for SeaMonkeyManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-07-20Fix drag&drop in toolbar editorManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-07-20Fix "Kill Flash" to work with e10sManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-07-18Prevent window.content usage on e10sManuel ReimerSnapshot
2016-07-18Make button import working with current browser versionsManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-06-09Don't call callback in error caseManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-06-09Fix return value of legacy framescript codeManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-06-08Fix error reporting for PrefBar button codeManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-06-08Fix typoManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-06-05PrefBar 7.0.0v7.0.0Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-06-04Make legacy platforms work againManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-06-01Updated Japanese localeNorah MarinkovicSnapshot
2015-06-01Enable multiprocess compatibilityManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-06-01Export the toolbar toggle function into sandboxManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-06-01Use browser window as template for our sandboxManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-05-31Get rid of "eval"Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-05-30maxVersion bumpv6.6.0Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-05-30PrefBar 6.6.0Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-05-30Reduce usage of goPrefBar.InFF()Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-05-26Fix the colors checkbox for SeaMonkey, tooManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-05-14Some cleanupManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-05-13Prepared PrefBar 6.6 RC1Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-05-13Fixed button import for FF > 36Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-05-13Framescript documentationManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-05-02Fixed colors checkbox for Firefox 37 and higherManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-05-02(Hopefully) final state for e10s supportManuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-04-11Added workaround for Mozilla bug 1106610Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2015-04-11Migrated "goPrefBar" from component to jsmManuel ReimerSnapshot
2014-11-24First steps for e10s supportManuel ReimerSnapshot
2014-09-28PrefBar 6.5.0v6.5.0Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2014-09-28Updated Japanese locale for PrefBar 6.4Norah MarinkovicSnapshot
2014-09-10Fixed "Clear Cache" codeManuel ReimerSnapshot
2014-09-09Fixed "Clear Cache" for Firefox 32Manuel ReimerSnapshot
2014-07-10Close panel if help system is opened from context menuManuel ReimerSnapshot
2014-07-01Dropped unneeded file URL conversion in web importManuel ReimerSnapshot
2014-06-18Added warning message for old BTN file formatManuel ReimerSnapshot
2014-06-16Fixed checkbox visualization in menus to work on WindowsManuel ReimerSnapshot
2014-06-15Added german and japanese webhelpManuel ReimerSnapshot
2014-06-13Moved reset button to the right of the descriptionManuel ReimerSnapshot