PrefBar users:

As mentioned several times, PrefBar will no longer work with Firefox 57. As it is also a pain to maintain an "all in one" extension, this is a good time to make use of the available Addon management system for Firefox and get the useful/important buttons migrated into small Addons, published on

This list does not contain any buttons, done by PrefBar users on their own. If you have a good idea for some new functionality, which could be added to Firefox, feel free to ask me. If I like your idea, it may be added to my "TODO-list".

The following symbology is used to state the current plan for each individual button:
green means that this button is already replaced by either a Addon done by me or some other developer.
yellow means that this button is on my todo list. This may mean that I do some addon to replace it or that, after some time, maybe someone else already created something to replace this one. Goal is to have these somehow replaced until Firefox 57 is out.
red means that these buttons are, so far, not planned to be handled somehow. I don't use them and if I don't get enough requests for an individual button, I won't do anything to get them ported.
line-through means that this individual button will not be possible with Firefox 57. Reasons for this may be missing functionality or that the button handles things that will be phased out by Mozilla (like Plugins).

PrefBar builtins

Button nameComments
Restore Tab buttonReplaced by Undo Close Tab
Colors checkboxReplaced by Toggle Website Colors
Send Referrer checkboxReplaced by Toggle Referrer
Clear All buttonRecommended replacement: Clear Cache and Data
or: eCleaner
JavaScript checkboxRecommended replacement: Disable JavaScript
Proxy MenulistRecommended replacement: Proxy SwitchyOmega
Proxy ServerlistRecommended replacement: Proxy SwitchyOmega
Proxies checkboxRecommended replacement: Proxy SwitchyOmega
Clear Cache buttonRecommended replacement: Empty Cache Button
User Agent listRecommended replacement: User Agent Switcher
Images checkboxRecommended replacement: Image Block X
LanguageReplaced by Language Switch
Javascript (Tab) checkbox
Images (Tab) checkbox
Fonts checkbox
Animation checkbox
Cookies checkbox
Cookie Warning checkbox
Cache checkbox
Clear History button
Clear Cookies button
Home buttonFirefox has a builtin button "Home"
Kill Flash buttonPlugins will be phased out at all by Mozilla
Plugins (Tab) checkboxPlugins will be phased out at all by Mozilla
Java checkboxPlugins will be phased out at all by Mozilla
Flash checkboxPlugins will be phased out at all by Mozilla
System Colors checkboxNo way for an WebExtension to access this setting
Pipelining checkboxNo way for an WebExtension to access this setting
New Tab buttonUse the "+" button in Firefox or middle click into the empty space at the end of the tab bar.
Font - buttonFirefox has builtin zoom buttons
Font + buttonFirefox has builtin zoom buttons
Popups checkboxCan be configured in the Firefox configuration dialog and at least I never had to disable this feature.
Clear Location Bar buttonRecent Firefox version use Bookmarks and History to populate the location bar dropdown. No way to clear that.
Resize listUse the Firefox builtin developer tools to simulate screen sizes or even mobile devices.

Buttons from the "More Buttons" database

Button nameComments
Page2Image ButtonReplaced by Save Screenshot
Kill other tabs buttonFirefox builtin: Right-click on the tab you want to keep, select "Close Other Tabs". If you need a button for this: Clear Tabs
User Style CheckboxRecommended replacement: Stylus
Url Path ButtonsRecommended replacement: Navigate Up WE
CSS CheckboxRecommended replacement: CSS Toggler
Reload Proxy Auto Config (PAC) ButtonRecommended replacement: Reload PAC button
Kill Session Button
Toggle Context Menu Checkbox
Block Auto Refresh Checkbox
PDF JS checkbox
Locale Switch Menulist
Clear Domain Cookies
Expire History Button
Permissions Menu
Cookie Behavior Menulist
Minimum font size checkbox
Reload domain tabs button
Print Menu
InfoList Button
Referer Spoof Menulist
Validate Buttons
Clear Download Manager Button
Server Info Button
UnPopup Button
Meta Redirect Checkbox
Image Menulist
Online Checkbox
Addon Developer ButtonsMost of these are no longer relevant for debugging WebExtensions and even if they would, there is no API to implement them.
eBayNegs ButtonEasily doable directly on the ebay website. No need for this button.
Bookmarkmanager ButtonFirefox builtin: Click "Bookmarks" button and select "Show All Bookmarks" from there.
Tab Focus CheckboxNo way to change this browser-builtin setting with WebExtensions.
Geolocation CheckboxFirefox asks for every page before actually sending location data. No need to toggle this feature. If you don't like it, just disable it once and forever using about:config.
Font Reset ButtonFirefox has builtin zoom buttons
GFX Xrender checkbox
PDF Reader checkboxPlugins will be phased out at all by Mozilla
Silverlight checkboxPlugins will be phased out at all by Mozilla
Full page zoom checkbox
Open addon manager buttonJust use a bookmark to "about:addons"
Restart browser button
New Windows Checkbox
Clone Tab ButtonMiddle-click or Ctrl+click to the "Reload" button in Firefox to clone a tab.
Profilemanager ButtonSeaMonkey only
Tab Preview CheckboxSeaMonkey only