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Die PrefBar ist unter der MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license lizenziert. (Sehen Sie in eine beliebige Quellcode-Datei für Details). Sie können sie frei in jeder Form, die mit der Lizenz kompatibel ist, nutzen. Wenn Sie planen das Programm oder Teile des Quellcodes irgendwo anders zu nutzen, wäre ich dankbar, wenn Sie mich dies wissen lassen.


Original Concept: Matthew Thomas (via bug 38521)

Inital developer: Aaron Andersen

Manuel Reimer: Project Owner [mail]

Norah Marinkovic: Japanese translation [mail][homepage]

Speziellen Dank an

I'd like to thank the Producer, the Director, the whole cast...

Sascha Grage, Stefan Blumenrath and Stefan Müller for testing my release candidates of PrefBar 6.0

Arivald for explaining to me why my prefpanes fail on Mac OS 10 (animating of prefwindow) and Bob for helping me with debugging the issue on his Mac.

Stefan Blumenrath, Sascha Grage and Ruediger Lahl for beta testing PrefBar 5.0.

Stephen Clavering - who was Project Owner for some time. He fixed some bugs with Firefox compatibility and helped me (Manuel Reimer) with learning how CVS and mozdev works.

Charlie Wexler - for proofreading my english help system

Rudi Theisen - for proofreading my german help system

Karsten Düsterloh - who helped me with converting the german "Umlaute" to UTF8 and with creating the "install.rdf" file and the configuration-dialog which are needed to get PrefBar compatible with Firefox. I also found the needed setting to get the PrefBar homepage skinned with the default skin in the CVS repository of his project "mnenhy".

Shimoda Hiroshi - who created the library which I used for the uninstaller in Mozilla Seamonkey 1.x

Vladislav Duma - who sent in the code for the new button type "extlist"

Adam Fletcher - Without whom I would never have learned how to manipulate RDF data, and we wouldn't have any customizable toolbars.

Matt Kennedy - Who wrote the code that rebuilds the config file when it doesn't exist, making it much easier to use the prefbar with multiple profiles.

Frank Nestel - My alpha tester, who put up with all my buggy software, including the version with the wrong install script.

Fred Yontz - Who (without being asked) proofread all the prefbar documentation, pointing out to me all my misspellings, inaccuracies, and grammatical rule breaking.

Dave Johnson - Who hacked together the first Phoenix compatible version of the PrefBar, and then didn't kill me when it took me two three four months to get it online.

Chris Neale and Johannes Eder - Who helped me beta test version 2.2 and make sure the all the new stuff (including Phoenix compatibility) worked as advertised.

If you sent in a feature suggestion that eventually made it into the product (especially if you gave me the values to make it work) then your name belongs here. Write to me and remind me of who you are and I'll make sure you get listed.

The following members of #mozilla and #mozillazine who helped me resolve the many XUL problems I encountered while working on this program: biesi, BenB, caillon, jesus_X, oeschger, rginda, sirLurxalot, smontagu, ssieb, timeless, WeirdAl, and probably a few other people I forgot.

Everyone who wrote me emails about version 1.0, whether to ask questions or just to say "thanks for making the prefbar". You really made my day. (Or more specifically, each individual one of you made my day the day that I received your particular email.)