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PrefBar started as a simple toolbar to get easy access to common preferences like Javascript, Flash, the proxy used for web access, ... Over the time, PrefBar got further developed to be a container for nearly everything, that can be placed on a button, checkbox or menulist.

All items may be placed and grouped freely on PrefBar's bar. The bar itself may be moved using the browser built-in "toolbar customize" feature to anywhere you like (even in foreign toolbars, next to the menubar, ...).

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What's New

Two new howtos available.

Yan Li sent two howtos to be published on the PrefBar homepage. Thank you very much for sharing your work!

In the navigation you find the howtos below "Documentation". The new entries are:

2015-06-15 - Manuel Reimer

PrefBar 7.0 available

As PrefBar 6.6 did not get the review, required to be distributed as update, I had to rewrite a few things. The way, how code is executed, was changed completely. As this is no small change and may cause some buttons to fail (I'll check the buttons in the online database as soon as possible and publish updates where needed) I decided to publish this as "7.0". Please report any problems you find.

This release is prepared for the upcoming "multiprocess support" (electrolysis) in Firefox. I at least tried to keep compatible with older Firefox versions, but I'm only testing with the latest final and with an up-to-date nightly version. If something fails, please report.


2015-06-05 - Manuel Reimer

PrefBar 6.6 RC1 available

To fix a few of the current problems (non-working colors checkbox, non-working button import from "More buttons" page, ...) I've prepared a release candidate for PrefBar 6.6. Please report any problems, you still have with this, either via mail or via Bugzilla.

You may download the release candidate from here: PrefBar 6.6 RC1 MD5: 88ae30f40f46dd0746b73026abf0a4bd


2015-05-13 - Manuel Reimer

PrefBar 6.5 released

A new release will be available, soon. This release contains the fix, required to clear the cache on Firefox 32 and a few smaller interface changes. For a full list of changes have a look at the changelog.


2014-09-28 - Manuel Reimer

PrefBar 6.4 released

A new release is on its way. This release contains a new feature for the "Resize Menulist". Now it is possible to create entries that only set the width or height without modifying the second value. Have a look at the help system to find out how to use this.

The new release also contains many fixes for the new Firefox 29 interface (Australis). I hope that all major bugs are fixed now. If someone still has problems, then please contact me.


2014-05-21 - Manuel Reimer

Checkbox "Full Page Zoom" updated

I've updated the "Full Page Zoom" checkbox to use a Firefox builtin feature to toggle the setting.

With this change, you no longer have to reload the page to see the effect.

2014-01-12 - Manuel Reimer

PrefBar 6.3 released

As usual it will take some time until reviews are done, but in a few days, PrefBar 6.3 will ship as official compatibility update with Firefox 26.

This release also contains first fixes to get compatible with the new "Australis" theme, so give it a try if you already use an Australis based Firefox.

I've also replaced all occurrences of "Preferences Toolbar" with just "PrefBar". I don't want to advertise PrefBar to be a "toolbar" (separate bar in your browser) anymore, as this is just wrong with current PrefBar versions. You can use the "PrefBar menu" button or you can move the PrefBar button group to other toolbars. No need to use PrefBar's own toolbar!


2014-01-12 - Manuel Reimer

PrefBar 6.2.2 released

This new PrefBar version fixes a problem with the plugin toggle checkboxes on Firefox 23. The plugin toggles now work again and with Firefox 23 and above you may change how the plugin toggles work with the new preference "preferences.plugintoggle.mode".

For more informations on this new preference, and what it does, please have a look at the help system.


2013-08-29 - Manuel Reimer

PrefBar 6.2.1 awaiting review

This is primarily a bugfix release to fix some problems with latest browser versions.

This is also the first time, I open a thread on the MozillaZine forums for discussions about the new release, or PrefBar at all. I hope this helps me to get better contact with my users and maybe someone has good ideas or feature requests for the next release ;)

Maybe it's even a good idea to drop the PrefBar mailinglist and move all discussions about PrefBar over to the MozillaZine forum platform.

The forum announce thread is linked as "Comments" at the end of this news item.


2013-07-22 - Manuel Reimer

Some buttons updated in the Button database.

At some point I finally want to get rid of backwards compatibility with the old "RDF based" PrefBar button format. So it's a good idea to port the whole button database to the new "JSON based" format.

While doing so, I fixed and improved some of the buttons:

The Clear Download Manager Button now uses a PrefBar builtin function so most probably no future updates will be needed for this button.

The Clone Tab Button and Reload Proxy Auto Config (PAC) Button now works again with latest Firefox releases.

The eBayNegs Button has been fixed to work with the current eBay website layout.

2013-07-22 - Manuel Reimer

PrefBar 6.1 waiting for review...

PrefBar 6.1 currently is waiting for review on The biggest new feature is the built-in Japanese translation. Thank you to Norah Marinkovic for translating PrefBar to Japanese! There are a few smaller changes, too. For a full list, please have a look at the Changelog.

2012-03-18 - Manuel Reimer

New button "Locale Switch Menulist", updated "Online Checkbox"

On the "More buttons" page, you'll find a new button called "Locale Switch Menulist". This is a very useful tool for addon developers, who want to test their addon in a different language, easily. Also have a look at the button description for more info.

Thanks to Norah for sharing!

The "Online Checkbox" was updated to work in current PrefBar releases. The new version properly updates, if the online status changes, and not longer throws errors on error console.

2012-02-27 - Manuel Reimer

New button set "Addon Developer Buttons"

This set of buttons contains 5 buttons, useful for addon development. It contains checkboxes for a few pref toggles, useful for developers, and a button, which reloads the current browser window, including all overlays, without needing to restart the full browser process!

Thanks to Norah for sharing!

[2012-01-26] Update: Norah sent me a new version of his button set. Now it includes 8 buttons for addon development. Please have a look at the button description for details.

2012-01-26 - Manuel Reimer

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